Designing With Darkness: Blackout Curtain Styling Ideas

Blackout curtains are an incredibly useful and beneficial window treatment, which tends to add an exceptional level of comfort and convenience to every room. In addition to room darkening, they also provide considerable noise reduction and insulation. These thick curtains are the absolute best choice for all areas, particularly those where comfort and sound dampening are a major preference, like bedrooms and study rooms. We provide expert blackout curtain styling ideas.

However, a general misconception about blackout drapes is that they only come in dull, bulky, and black-colored profiles and they can’t be added to an elaborated interior decor or aren’t very favorable for decorations. Well, Curtain And Blinds is here to expose this very myth, and to present to you a ton of mind-blowing ideas to style these curtains and beautify your spaces.

Home Styling With Blackout Curtains | Unique Aesthetic Possibilities 

Up ahead, there are a range of smart tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your blackouts and design your places in the most pleasant manner. You’ll find all of them to be entirely practical, pocket-friendly, and versatile.

Pairing Blackouts With Sheers

Pairing Blackouts With Sheers

This is one of the most mainstream and effective blackout curtain styling ideas for decorating home. You can make use of any transparent curtain fabrics for this purpose such as Sheer or Voile ones. Such window treatment layering will provide you with complete control over incoming light, privacy maintenance, and room temperature. Not to mention the added perk of energy efficiency.

Here’s how you can pair blackout curtains with sheer or voile drapes:

  • Side-by-side (checkered) pattern
  • Blackouts in the middle
  • Sheers in the middle
  • Blackout drapes as the base layer
  • Sheer curtains as the base layer

Using Blackouts Per A Backdrop

Using Blackouts Per A Backdrop

This idea involves the use of room-darkening curtains as a foundation for an eye-catching decor. Besides, you can also highlight and beautify any of your desired spots or objects this way. This works particularly wonders in neutral or pastel-colored interior designs, as the rich and deep profile of blackout curtains stands out and complements everything around. You can also consider this for areas with a lot of patterns, prints, or vibrant colors.

Consider these ways to employ blackout curtains as a perfect background.

  • Install them behind your bedding to highlight it
  • Hang them as a focal point for a fireplace
  • Use them on an accent wall for added visual interest
  • Place them next to a seating setup for overall beautification
  • Utilize them to create a dark and cozy corner for relaxing or reading purposes

Going With Patterned Blackout Curtains

Going With Patterned Blackout Curtains

Unlike what you might believe, blackout window drapes are available in a range of patterned and printed versions, in addition to solid-colored designs. And if you don’t approve of the idea of plain blackouts, investing in printed or patterned versions can be an excellent approach. Such fabrics will add plenty of coziness, drama, and functionality to your interiors, and will complement the surrounding decor as well.

Regarding patterned blackout covers, here are some of the best options:

  • Opt for classic floral or geometric prints.
  • Choose blackout curtains with gold or silver accents for a royal look.
  • Design a whimsical decor with animal-print blackout drapes.
  • Striped blackout luxury curtains can be another presentable option.
  • Embroidered blackout coverings are perfect for luxurious room designs.

Using A Valance For Blackout Drapes

Using A Valance For Blackout Drapes

A valance is a timeless element to beautify any and every type of curtains, and blackout window treatments aren’t an exception. In addition to the drapes, valances also provide a fine concealing for any not-so-attractive curtain rods or hardware. Such a decorative touch highlights your blackout coverings and also makes your windows appear taller. Moreover, added pop of color and texture are some additional benefits.

We’ve got you a few attractive valance options:

  • A rod pocket valance is a good and low-maintenance choice to start with.
  • Tab top curtain valances can be a great option if you have a causal-style decor.
  • If you like traditional decors, pinch-pleat valances are an excellent recommendation.
  • Scalloped valances will be perfect for blackout drapes in kids’ rooms and kitchens.
  • Gathered valances can beautify and soften the look of your bedroom’s blackout drapes.

Adding Accessories To Blackout Window Coverings

Adding Accessories To Blackout Window Coverings

While it seems a basic idea, using curtain accessories makes a genuine difference and this is the sole most effective and cheapest decor idea. Similar to regular curtains, accessories can be used to spice up the look of your blackout window curtains as well. Moreover, there are endless options and stuff to select from, which means you get infinite ways to improve both the look and working of your room-darkening drapes.

Take a look at these accessorizing ideas for blackout room curtains:

  • Trims and tassels are the most minimal yet effective elements to beautify your blackouts.
  • Adding a complementing tieback will make your curtains look presentable and easy to operate as well.
  • Cornices are another timeless option to improve the appearance of both your curtains and hardware.
  • Another simple and cheap yet influential accessorizing idea is to invest in beautiful and suitable curtain rods with decorative finials to renew the look of your curtains.
  • Adding a new curtain lining, specifically in white color, can majorly enhance the charm of your blackout drapes.

Bonus Idea For Improving Your Blackout Window Curtains

Bonus Idea For Improving Your Blackout Window Curtains

This is another smart and serviceable approach to enhancing your room’s darkening curtains. All you need to do is invest in a motorized system for your blackout coverings and you can enjoy a time-saving, high-coverage, and super-flexible window treatment.

To Conclude

Blackout window drapes are, by far, the most versatile curtain option one can choose for their interiors. They are not just available in manifold choices but can also be embellished in a number of ways to give a significantly attractive look to all desired spaces. Therefore, we’ve got you various classy and outstanding ideas to style your blackouts and improve your home decor like never before. These tips and blackout curtain styling ideas are meant to work for every area and are entirely budget-friendly as well. We wish you good luck in your upcoming home decor journeys!

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