Privacy Policy

We at Curtain And Blinds are committed to providing comprehensive and hassle-free interior design services by all means. To ensure the integrity of services, we aim to keep the information of the user and guest confidential. For client-centric business, we proceed with our services following the high-end privacy terms.

Our privacy protocols define the efficient policies that need to be followed by the user and client to ensure smooth and secure practices. According to these privacy terms, the company is bound to keep data of all types of users confidential. Our rules specify the access restriction of any third-party source.

To ensure the client’s trust, we let you familiarize yourself with our company’s privacy policy. Review the policy details thoroughly before acquiring our services to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Confidentiality Of All Website Users & Guests

Our privacy terms specify the privacy of all users, whether organic or guests. To keep client’s trust in us, we strictly follow all the policy terms given below:

  • Our privacy audits involve the usage of the Data Protection Act for confidentiality.
  • Abiding by the law, we can only ask for the necessary details regarding you.
  • Without user consent, an unauthorized user cannot access your details.
  • Until needed, the company is prohibited from sending any promotional emails.
  • Personalized access can be requested to access your details for modification.
  • We take the digital measure of data encryption for the utmost security of information.
  • To keep your data secure, the company uses certain tools and software.

Necessary Information Company Request For

The company asks for only essential details that are mandatory to proceed with the shipping process. The information that we request from the user is:

  • User’s Name
  • Current Location
  • Contact Number
  • Valid Email Address
  • Credit/Debit Card Details

Confidentiality Of Client’s Information

As per the company’s privacy terms, we are bound to protect the secrecy and privacy of guests and users from unauthorized access. For better security measures, our company takes legal notice against the third party to avoid unforeseen situations. Our company binds restrictions to keep the user data confidential by all means. According to the company’s security law, we take potential technical measures to restrict unauthorized access. By keeping confidential data secure, we ensure stable client and user relations through our services.

Legal Security Practices By Curtains And Blinds

Our company makes privacy policies considering the current situation for the reliability of services. We don’t ask for the requisite details until the user permits. Clients are required to provide up-to-date information to eliminate any misconceptions at the time of order delivery.

To review and verify the client and product details, we forward the duplicate file of user information to the verified email address. Before proceeding further, you can correct all the essentials to ensure an efficient and smooth service flow. We are fair enough to ask for your consent before using your information outside of the region.

Modifications In Privacy Statement Or Security Law

Alterations are needed to make in the privacy statement over time due to certain conditions. We follow the best security practices to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. The privacy rules are made to keep user’s private details confidential. After making necessary alterations as per the current situation, rules will be implemented and can be sighted on our website.

The implemented rules need to be followed by both parties in order not to disrupt the service flow. Our potential and technical measures will provide the surety that no third user can access your details. In any case, if an unauthorized user tries to reach you by robbing your information, we take physical measures to ensure user protection.

Acknowledge Our Team For Asking Related Queries

To know more about privacy agreement details, users can reach out to us anytime. We provide you with all the essential details to avoid future conflicts/ confusion.