Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi

Drapery And Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi Service

At curtain and  blinds , we provide customized curtains and blinds, curtains alterations Abu Dhabi, installing, and other services. We are specialists in curtain and Blinds.

We can alter your blind’s heading and add on an extra lining to maximize the fabric and size. It is the best way of saving money. For instance, you have moved to your new house and you love your previous curtains and want to install them back in your new house but alas! They do not fit on your new windows. But don’t worry; we can alter your curtains very smartly to make them fit on your new windows.

Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi & Resizing & Hanging 

One more reason for curtains alterations Abu Dhabi is to boost your old curtains and freshen them up. For example, you love your old curtains but you are tired of their fabric and style. Bring your curtain to us and we will alter them into a brand new one. Little alteration can change the whole look of the curtain and blinds.

Changing the curtain heading by Curtains Alterations in UAE

Sometimes your curtain pole does not fit your curtains. Well, that’s perfectly ok. We can easily enlarge them for you. You can also get your curtains altered the way they hang. For example, we can redesign them to get a gathered look or we can increase or decrease the pleats for you. Curtains alterations Abu Dhabi is a tricky task that everyone cannot professionally do, but we at the curtain blinds Dubai can professionally tailor your curtains and alter them the way you love. We offer our curtains fixing and tailoring services in the whole UAE.

Best Curtain Alterations Service in Abu Dhabi and Sill Lengths

Window sill length curtains finish around 1/5 cm above the sill while the curtains which fall below the sill measure a few inches more than the sill. If you have short length curtains, we can make them long and let them fall on the floor to add drama to your room.

Adding lining to the curtains

Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi, Adding lining to the curtains can make them look different. It will increase their thickness which in turn will be light blocking and increasing privacy. Curtain lining comes in so many types like linen, blackout lining, cotton, acrylic, etc. Like curtains, we also make a customized lining for your curtains. Feel free to place your order.

Specialist curtains and blinds designers

We are Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi  specialists. We have our own team of designers who design your curtains just the way you love. We first make a soft copy of your design and after your approval, we start working on your curtains and blinds. We are sure you will love your curtains alterations Dubai.

Why us for Curtains Alterations Abu Dhabi?

Curtain And Blinds Company  know that it is very annoying when your favorite curtains get short or long for your new windows or you love the fabric but the style of the curtain is too old. But at curtain and blinds Dubai, you will get curtains altered according to your choice. Bring your old curtains to us and our alter scientists will make them a new one by adding embellishments, changing style, adding lining, etc. The repairing time varies from curtain to curtain depending upon the renovation.

For Curtains alterations Abu Dhabi, we have every type, color, and pattern of clothes available at curtain blinds Dubai. We bet no one will judge that your curtains are old. We will later make them and make them look entirely new. We are the best curtain maker Dubai. Place your order and get amazing discounts as well. If you have any question or want to discuss your idea with us, you can call us at: +971502577765 or send us an email at: Our team is readily available to answer you and help you to make a good decision.

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Create the curtains that you want with our range of linings and headers. If you’re not sure what to choose, your advisor can help you decide during your appointment.