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Heavyweight Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi are best in offering full privacy while lightweight silk curtains offer a fine appearance and enhance the beauty of your window. Silk is no doubt an ideal fabric for curtains, especially for home curtains. Silk has a very fine appearance and they last for years-long if properly handled.

Silk is a natural fabric that comes in a huge variety of textures and weight. They are going to last long but all you have to do is, properly take care of them. Silk curtains Abu Dhabi always look classy and they come in different types to choose from.

 Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi Types

1. Taffeta

After getting fame for wedding dresses and gowns, Taffeta is now famous for making high-end curtains. Taffeta can either be dyed or yarn, most of them are yarn resulting in a fine, crispy texture appearance. Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi taffeta drapes have a unique finishing that cannot be copied using synthetic fabric. Beautiful taffeta curtains usually include decorative headings, beautiful pleats that create drama in your room.

Many of us are familiar with silk dupioni drapes. These silk drapes have a bit rough texture and are subtle sheen, unlike taffeta drapes. These silk curtains are woven from double tread silk produced by silkworms spinning in a cocoon. This creates irregular slubs and dark specs providing the finished and beautiful look of silk curtain fabric. Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi taffeta offer a more natural appearance. The irregularities in dupioni silk white curtains are known as a part of their intrinsic beauty.

2. Organza

Silk organza is made of pure silk that results in a lightweight and No.1 quality fabric for curtains. Woven organza silk sheer curtains offer a smooth texture and a very firm feel. If you need privacy then pair them up with some beautiful matching curtains as these Silk curtains can increase the beauty of any place but they are not good for providing privacy.

3. Raw Silk

Raw silk is made from short silk fabric giving the silk curtains a rough texture. Raw silk is off-white just like organic cotton. Raw silk curtains Abu Dhabi look better than cotton curtains because they are wrinkle-free. As compared to other silk types, raw silk curtains lack the look of fancy silk and have a casual organic style.

4. Chiffon

Chiffon curtains Abu Dhabi has very twisted yarns that result in gauzy, soft fabric. Its transparent look allows the sunlight to pass through and provides little privacy only in the daytime. If you want them to be hanged on your windows and need privacy at the same time then pair them up with some beautiful blackout curtains. Well, chiffon silk curtains Abu Dhabi are the best choice for window curtains.

Benefits of Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi

1. Natural Protein Fiber

Silk Curtains as a natural protein fiber contain amino acids that help in reducing aging signs. They offer an organic feel in your room.

2. Adiabatic Performance

Silk Curtains Abu Dhabi is known for its moisture-wicking properties in winters and moisture-emitting properties in summers. Silk makes you cool in hot weather and hot in cool weather.

3. Dust-proofing

Silk naturally rejects dirt, moths, dust, and allergens.

4. Anti-noise

Silk has anti-noise penetrating properties because of its porous structure.

5. Ultraviolet-Absorbent

Silk absorbs UV rays due to its natural physical structure. Silk curtains are the best choice to decorate your windows. People are widely choosing silk drapes over any other.

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