Designing With Darkness | Stylish Blackout Curtain Ideas

Blackout curtains are the popular window treatment that brings timeless functionality and style to your interiors. These dim-out curtains block outside lights, enhance privacy, and add a great level of energy efficiency. Although these curtains are hugely practical it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice their style. We provide different stylish blackout curtain ideas.

To enhance your room setting for a calm sleep and create a desired ambiance, you can style these curtains in many ways. This comprehensive guide will allow you to style your blackout window curtains without compromising on the light, privacy, and insulation factors.

Window Styling Using Functional Blackout Curtain Ideas

Let’s begin with the window decor ideas using blackout window covers.

1. Go For Layering Blackout Drapes

Go For Layering Blackout Drapes

To create the ideal balance between light and privacy, you can pair up these heavier drapes with lighter ones. For pairing with blackouts, sheer is the most popular option to settle for. You can enhance the functionality of your spaces because these luxury curtains allow you to align curtains according to the light and privacy requirements.

When layering sheer and blackouts, you can overlap them following your requirements and the interior preferences. Layering curtains not only enhances the style but makes the overall space more functional.

2. Select Simple Blackouts For Elegant Look

Select Simple Blackouts For Elegant Look

To style your living room and bedroom windows, you can follow simple blackout curtain ideas. Simple dim-out curtains will improve the ambiance of your space while adding a lot more to it. These blackout drapes come with a variety of thicknesses and opacities to offer light control.

These curtains will provide you with an extra layer of privacy by blocking all the street glares and sun rays. To keep your room decor at a minimum and functionality at a maximum, these curtains are the perfect choice.

3. Buy Patterned Blackouts For Visual Interest

Buy Patterned Blackouts For Visual Interest

These room-darkening curtains come with extraordinary styles and patterns to uplift the whole space’s appearance. For patterns, you can select from modern and traditional styles. These curtains are available with intricate traditional and minimal modern patterns to feature a charming look.

Among patterns, you have a flexible choice to pick floral, lined, dotted, checkered, and geometric styles. You can make the whole space stand out by adding these curtains with appealing patterns.

4. Feature Them As High As Possible

Feature Them As High As Possible

Another easy way to make a contemporary statement in your living spaces, mount these curtains high. By hanging curtains above the window ceiling as high as possible, you can create the impression of a large space.

You can select the floor length for these curtains so that they puddle over the floor to add a dramatic vibe. Blackout window curtains when extended in length and width will provide you with effective control over the light and privacy.

5. Draw An Eye With Contrasting Colors

Blackout Curtain Draw An Eye With Contrasting Colors

To make a bold statement in your interiors, you can select curtains with contrasting colors. You can match the color of your curtains to the walls or furnishing of your room for interior-defining aspects. To create an amazing contrast, you can pick dark red, blue, yellow, and orange colors.

These curtains when hung on windows will create a statement wall in your rooms. Keeping the theme of related room essentials in mind, you can pick an ideal contrasting color for soundproof curtains. Also, you can pick an exciting color to coordinate with the room’s scheme.

6. Balance Out The Room’s Light

Balance Out The Room’s Light

The best way to balance out the room’s light is to pick light color tones for the curtains. Blackout curtains in white colors will give a soft appeal to your rooms. These privacy-providing window treatments when aligned with sheer voile will improve the aesthetics and style instantly.

You can close your curtains for optimal darkness in your rooms and open them to see the outside view. When hanging multiple panels for privacy and light balance, make sure to align one dark and one light to create the desired ambiance in your rooms.

7. Go For Motorized Blackout Curtains

Go For Motorized Blackout Curtains

The most functional yet stylish way to style your curtain is to integrate them with a motorized system. You can select any type of blackout fabric including velvet and silk for this smart window styling.

Curtains with motorized mechanisms can be easily operated via multiple control options including voice commands, remote-button, and smart apps. You can give your home an extraordinary finish, improve its worth, and enhance its functionality with these curtains.

8. Pick Different Hanging Styles For Blackout Covers

Select Simple Blackouts For Elegant Look

You can team up light and heavier blackout drapes on multiple panels to give your rooms an alluring look. Using double curtain rods will create a completely dark environment. There are manifold hanging styles for these blackout curtains that include grommet, rod pocket, and tab-top.

You can also hang these curtains with stylish rings for a distinctively beautiful appearance. To achieve the utmost level of serenity, darkness, and insulation, you can opt for floor floor-length hanging style for these functional curtains.

Final Note!

Blackout curtains are the ideal choice to dress up your room windows in an instant. These highly functional, durable, and versatile curtains can be styled in many ways. Considering your room’s lighting, privacy, and insulation requirements, you can pair dense blackout with lightweight curtains.

Besides, you can select from neutral to patterned designs, different opacities or thicknesses, and light to dark color tones for these curtains. Additionally, the length and width of these curtains can be customized for styling purposes. To create visual interest in your spaces, you can contrast a pair of curtains in terms of colors and fabrics.

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