Terms And Conditions

Curtain And Blinds is the most renowned interior design brand for providing professional and quality services for the worthwhile enhancement of your residential and commercial spaces. For a smooth workflow and relationship between the user and the company, we work on the specified protocols and regulations specified by the company.

We go beyond the applicable rules to maintain our brand image, ensuring a streamlined service flow. The general terms and conditions are applicable under specified and ongoing conditions and policies. The featured rules and conditions allocate both clients and the company the reserved contractual rights to avail of our products and services.

All About Our Products And Services

We gladly present you with our trendy range of interior design elements ranging from functional window coverings to stable carpeting treatments. From minor to major interior design accessories, we assure you of long-term longevity.

Our company proudly claims to serve you with the highest quality, sustainable, and eco-friendly elements for indoor and outdoor enhancements. We reserve copyrights for each of our manufactured products, providing you with long-term serviceability and valuable investment.

Manufacturing Details Of Our Quality Products

Our brand rightfully provides the assurance to all guests and users for the exceptional crafting of every interior design essential. Know about the essential details for material composition before acquiring our services.

  • Our store has material and design variety for each and every product.
  • You can review the graphical images of products through our gallery.
  •  We ensure the utilization of sustainably sourced materials for our products.
  • Each item can be customized to meet the user’s preferences and bespoke details.
  • We deliver the exact item at your locations as shown in the graphical images.
  • You can face the slightest color tone variation in products due to the camera light effect.
  • Our company calls you to get the precise details about the custom made products.
  • We send a confirmation e-mail for approval purposes to your verified account.
  • Clients are asked to request alterations before manufacturing a custom product.

Guarantee, Warranty, And Assurance Of Tailored Products

We provide you with the facility of one-of-a-kind customization treatment. To get our custom-tailored amenities, you can review the company’s specified protocols and guidelines.

  • We initiate the location survey for inspection and analysis.
  • We take notice of every minor and major detail for customization
  • Before finalizing, we seek the approval of our clients, to begin with.
  • Customers can show the design samples via images for custom products.
  • We customize your item from every single aspect to meet your requirements.
  • You can’t request alteration after we’ve delivered the item to your doorstep.

Our Service Spectrums For Order Processing

To get in touch with us, the company allocates various communication means through which you can discuss your queries and concerns. The specified communication ways can be effectively used to know about our products and services.

Visit Official Site

For booking appointments and other details, you can go through our official site online.

Make Phone Call

For efficient communication, dealing and product booking can be done via phone call.

Use WhatsApp

For sending product and shipping details, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp number.

Confirmation Call By Our Company

Our company provides you with an instant response to your queries regarding our products and services. Before your order confirmation, we ask for your approval and send the specified details to your email address with a duplicate information file.

Some Conditions To Cancel Your Order

In order to achieve the desired outcomes and maintain service flow, our brand binds some terms and regulations over order cancellation. These conditions are specified as:

  • Order will be instantly canceled on finding a manufacturing defect on our end.
  • For any misleading information from a client, you cannot hold us accountable.
  • You can flexibly terminate your order in the 2 or 3 business days.
  • You cannot opt for order cancellation after the specified time limit is exceeded.
  • Send an image or video of the defect with a brief description to cancel your order.

Refund Or Return Rules For Purchased Products

We facilitate you with the exclusive refund or return service for the purchased items. The applicable rules in this regard are:

  • You can ask for a product refund if the delivered item was swapped.
  • This rule is also applicable if the product doesn’t meet the user’s specifications.
  • A refund or return can be acquired in case of a manufacturing defect.
  • We will ask for the issue details along with the graphical image or video.
  • The product needs to be returned with all essentials and receipts in the same condition
  • The company provides a refund after receiving back the parcel using any payment way.

Available Payment Means Specified

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery


The company has the legal and contractual right to terminate the order when the client doesn’t meet the specified terms and conditions by the company. These rules and regulations are meant to ensure an authentic and smooth relationship between the user and the company. To know more details, reach out to us anytime.