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Vertical blinds Abu Dhabi are made up of a series of vertical slats that can be twisted to open and close the curtain. The slats are connected with a cord or chain. The classy vertical blinds and curtains can be fully open or close by pulling the cord. The blinds can open fully to expose the window or can be fully closed to make your room dark. You can also make your blind to split from the middle by moving half vertical blinds slats to the right and half to the left.

Vertical Blinds Abu Dhabi Types 

Blinds basically differ in the design. Classic vertical blinds Abu Dhabi are made by using one color only. When they are closed they appear like traditional blinds. They go best with the classic interior.

There are so many beautiful and unusual designs of vertical blinds that let the sun rays come in and create light shows.

Vertical blinds are of the following types:

  • Arched canvases are made of lamellas of various lengths. They are available in various colors and designs. This type of vertical blinds is distinguished by the flexibility of the rod so the curtains can take a shape almost up to 55 degrees. Its structure has extra stiffness that can maintain its form.
  • Inclined blinds are made of individual orders. The design differs in various lengths of slats. This vertical curtain type is best for those rooms where it is not required. Plastic slates are best for those places where you need to completely block the light. Anyhow with the inclined vertical blinds Abu Dhabi, you can create a beautiful interior they are long-lasting, durable, and easy to use. Inclined and arched structures are suitable for installation on non-standard windows – bay windows, triangular or trapezoidal.

The following types of blinds are suitable for sliding windows:


Because of the combination of various shades and textures, these vertical blinds Abu Dhabi have all kinds of patterns and styles. You can choose from a vast collection of availabilities like lambrequins, canvases to the floor, and layered structures. Edges can be straight and wavy but the lower part is flat or beveled.


Washable lamellas of vertical blackout blinds are made of a special efficiently block the light and ultraviolet rays. Also, these vertical blinds Abu Dhabi have outstanding heat and sound resistance.

Threaded vertical blinds Abu Dhabi

These canvases are made of thread lamellas. The construction of these blinds let the sunlight come inside and add warmth to the room and make the interior look pretty.

Tips for choosing vertical blinds in Abu Dhabi

When purchasing vertical fabric blinds, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • The dimensions of the door or window should match with the vertical blinds in Abu Dhabi. Before installing the blinds, accurately take the measurements otherwise you will face some serious trouble.
  • For residential areas, choose a neutral-colored design. If you want to add drama to your room, go for some contrasting colors.
  • Before buying vertical blinds Abu Dhabi, check their opening and closing mechanism. It is very important to check the horizontal and vertical alignment of the blinds.
  • It is important to choose models from a trusted manufacturer. We offer authentic products with a claimed warranty.
  • Match the style and shade of your blinds with your interior.
  • It is mandatory to find out in which direction vertical window treatment is going to move. You can locate the working mechanism from the center or either side.
  • The structure should be easy to use.

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