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Add comfort and texture to your furniture with upholstery in Abu Dhabi.


Our Upholstery Is The Transforming Treatment For Every Furniture

Now you can enhance the look and comfort of your furnishing equipment with our favorable services of chair and sofa upholstery. We offer the best solutions to our esteemed clients for redesigning their furnishing essentials.

No matter whether your sofa set is defiled or damaged, we can offer high-quality upholstery Abu Dhabi using the best quality fabric materials that will ideally suit its style and appearance.

You can get your headboards, chair, sofa upholstered, and sofa repairing service by us while also selecting your desired fabric and its layout. To give your modern, mid-century, or antique sofa a stunning and inviting appearance, you can trust our upholstery services which are meant to beautify its look completely.

Get Custom Upholstery Abu Dhabi For a Unique and Personalized Look

We are offering the best upholstery treatments with the potential fixing of damaged or worn-out upholstery fabrics. Our best upholstery services will make your sofas and chairs more comfortable while making them the most visually astonishing. For the customized fabric upholstery, you can choose between natural or synthetic materials tailored to your requirements.

Array Of Designs

For an attractive look, you can choose a fabric with muted designs, and for a bolder look, you can choose patterned or textured fabric.

Custom Sizes

You can order any type of fabric for custom upholstery in Abu Dhabi in the needed length and width as per your sofa style.



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Shop For Versatile Fabrics With Elegant Designs For Upholstery in UAE

We aim to make your home decor elements notably comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, therefore providing you with a broader range of fabrics for chair upholstery Abu Dhabi.

You can browse from our exceptionally durable quality upholstery materials including linen, cotton, wool, silk, hemp, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene.

The fabrication used in our upholstery services is 100% guaranteed and durable.

Get the surety of the long-term investment with our upholstery services.

For customized solutions, we take measurements of the fabric for free.



Essential Perks & Features You Get From Upholstery Services

We are the leading upholstery shop across Dubai offering featured services with manifold benefits. You can improve the appearance of your luxury furniture with the emerging trends by getting it reupholstered or repaired by us.

It will offer you additional comfort, add a cozy feel, and becomes easier to clean them. Your furniture will look fresh and will serve you for the longest span with our premium upholstery in Abu Dhabi services.

Upholstery Abu Dhabi
In-Home Services

Whether recovery or alteration, we can come to your place on time.

Professional Workers

We have a fully-trained and enthusiastic team for upholstery Abu Dhabi amenities.

Buy High-quality Upholstery For Sofa Repair At Affordable Rates

Our notable services will do wonder while reviving your spaces while extending the lifetime of your furniture. You can stand out your furniture piece with customized styling with no compromise on the quality.

For cheap upholstery fabric, you can choose us because our upholstery prices won’t be a burden on your wallet. Being the best upholstery supplier, we do everything possible to bring new life, tone, and character to your existing sofas and chairs.

Whether it is the sofa repair work or changing the padding or spring, we are the most trusted source for you. To acquire services of upholstery near me, just call us today and book our visit to your place for alteration or reupholstery services.

Best Quality Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Why You Should Choose Us?

Curtain and Blinds is a top-grade platform facilitating clients with the best treatment of the furniture to transform the whole vibe of a space. We are the most reliable company based in Dubai working in the region for many years with extensive experience.

You can trust us for expert assistance or services for the upholstery fabric designs or the replacement of old and worn-out upholstery because our costs of upholstery are reasonable.

Whether it is a fabric sofa or leather upholstery Abu Dhabi, we offer you the most convenient solutions to give a wholly new outlook to your place.

Our widest collection of upholstery materials can match well with the aesthetic of your modern or traditional furniture elements. For the swifter delivery of products to your doorstep, select us and cherish our favorable and exclusive services.



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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the type of fabric materials, quality, and type of sofa including sleeper, sectional, and traditional.

However, the upholstery of the sofas can last between 7-17 years with intense care and proper maintenance.

For the leather sofa upholstery, the slightly damped cloth is enough to remove the stains.

For the fabric upholstery, you can use vinegar or a soapy solution and scrub the surface with a soft cloth to lift the stains.

Cats do scratch the upholstery of the furniture elements whether it is leather or fabric. However, the microfiber upholstery fabric offers strong resistance against the cat’s scratches because it comes with lightly woven threads.

For timeless, cozy, and contemporary home interior decor, upholstery is definitely the right choice for you. Upholstery will not only offer comfort and warmth but also change the feel of the whole room.


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