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Premium Wooden Blinds Abu Dhabi

Wooden Blinds Abu Dhabi has been a home décor element for ages. From sleek furniture to sturdy flooring, wood has always been a superstar. Best of all, wood blinds Abu Dhabi are very economical and can be used in various environments. They add a spice of eco-friendly and natural beauty to your home. Curtainandblids.ae Provide All kind Of curtains and Blinds.

 Use Of Wooden Blinds Abu Dhabi

Wooden blinds look beautiful in any room of the house, all you have to do is choose the right one. Faux wooden blinds Abu Dhabi are better for the wet environment as compared to original wooden slat blinds. You can combine the blinds and shades to get the desired light control and privacy. Here are some of the places where you can install the wooden blinds.

Lounges and Living Rooms

Faux wood blinds are wonderful for the high trafficking area. Think about the places where you entertain your guests or have an afternoon cup of tea with your family. Wooden Blinds Abu Dhabi makes these places look beautiful by adding an elegant touch. They let you control the light throughout the day and also maintain the privacy of your living room and lounge.


There is a reason why wooden blinds in Abu Dhabi are famous for bedrooms. Not only for the home bedroom but also for hotel bedrooms. The bedroom blinds add a soft hue, calm, and relaxed environment to a room.

Wooden blinds Abu Dhabi are also available as blackout ones or white ones.


While real wooden blinds are great for dry places where there is very little or no moisture as moisture can damage them with the passage of time. This is because when the wood comes in contact with moisture, it starts to expand or contract.

Well, in the kitchen you can use made-to-measure wooden blinds Abu Dhabi. They are very useful especially if you put your blinds above the oven, sink, or stove where there are water and humidity.

Faux wooden window blinds are a beautiful choice for the kitchen as they give a look of wood Venetian Blinds and make your kitchen look nice. If you have copper fixtures, faux wooden blinds serve as a backdrop to the focal pieces. You can also use colorful tapes to match with the kitchen appliances.


You can also use your wooden blinds Abu Dhabi in the bathroom only if they are made of faux wood. Faux wood is waterproof and looks like natural wood. Venetian wooden blinds are best for the washroom as you can open them during the daytime to let the light come inside and close them when it is dark to maintain privacy.

Advantages Of  Wooden Blinds Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the advantages of wooden blinds Abu Dhabi

  • Wooden blinds offer complete privacy
  • They act as an insulator. They maintain the room temperature and do not let the outer hotness come inside.
  • Wooden-style blinds are long-lasting, but all you have to do is keep them away from humidity.
  • They need very little maintenance.

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