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We Offer Heavy-duty Curtains For Outdoor Area Styling

Outdoor Curtains Abu Dhabi is an excellent canvas to style your outdoor patios, decks, dining, pergolas, front porches, gazebos, balconies, and restaurants.

Our most classy and modern curtains not only enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space but also ensure multi-functionality. For mind-blowing decor accessorizing, these blackout curtains are designed with intricate patterns, bright colors, and highly finished materials.

Moreover, our stylish outdoor curtains can be hung in vast ways to get unique and personalized styling. Transform your patios and porches into a cozy place with our modern curtains that not only control sunlight but also maintain privacy.

Maximize Your Comfort & Elegance With Our Outdoor Curtains 

Are you exploring the best covering for your outdoor places? Our made to measure curtains are trending these days for outdoor areas in Abu Dhabi due to their outstanding material and water, stain, and dust resistance. In addition, our waterproof curtains also block the raindrops from entering your seating area and you can enjoy your luxury seating with comfort.

Elegant Designs

These motorized curtains are designed with evergreen patterns and colors to elevate outdoor space elegance.

100% Comfort

By providing complete dust resistance, light control, privacy, and security, our curtains ensure complete comfort.



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Hire Our Professional Team For Outdoor Curtains Installation

For flawless outdoor curtain installation in outdoor areas, we have an efficient team that offers cost-effective services. From choosing fabric material to hanging style, our experts always have a unique guide for you. They ensure precise measurements of your outdoor area for perfect curtains fitting and styling.

For customer’s convenience and complete exposure, we also provide free curtains sampling.

To minimize customers’ budgets, we also offer free doorstep delivery of our curtains.

We also provide a catalog that contains a professional guide for curtain maintenance and cleaning.



Get Maximum Customization Options For Outdoor Curtains

To make your outdoor place more personalized, elegant, and sophisticated, we craft our curtains with endless custom options. You can decorate your outdoor place with curtains designed with any bespoke material, texture, color, size, and pattern. We can also fabricate our curtains per your outdoor place design and size requirement. For any further outdoor curtains Abu Dhabi orders, you can consult with our expert to get a quick approach.

Intricate Patterns

We design our premium quality curtains with geometric, abstract, lining, and plain patterns to beautify your outdoors.

Durable Materials

Our heavy-duty curtains are crafted with Olefin, Sunbrella, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, and their blends for weather resistance.

Prominent Benefits Of Our Modern Outdoor Curtains

We offer our professionally crafted and durable curtains to make your patio, gardens, outdoor dining, and pergolas more functional and aesthetic.

  • Our exceptionally aesthetic curtains enhance the elegance of your outdoor places with multiple colors, textures, designs, and hanging styles.
  • These heavy-duty curtain fabrics also block dirt, dust, or allergens to create a healthy atmosphere at your patios and dining areas.
  • Our curtains prevent your outdoor furniture, cushions, and other accessories from color fading due to their UV and heat resistance.
  • To ensure maximum privacy and security, our multi-functional curtains create a shield to block the view of passersby and neighbors.
  • Our highly sustainable curtains require very low maintenance due to their desirable dust, stain, and water resistance.
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Why You Choose Us?

Curtain and Blinds, being a top-rated outdoor curtains supplier in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we ensures premium quality curtains with a wide range of personalized options. Our weather-resistant curtains require very low maintenance due to their sustainable quality and professional craftsmanship. Therefore, they can stay longer even with an alternate day cleaning.

We have an efficient team for the flawless installation of our weatherproof outdoor curtains. Furthermore, our experts also provide an efficient guide for DIY maintenance and cleaning of these curtains.

Curtain & Blinds also ensures excellent customer care services for its customer convenience. For a bespoke patio, gardens, pergolas, and lawn covering, you can get our curtains in endless materials, colors, textures, and sizes. For further queries, you can contact our team online or call us now!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, our outdoor area curtains are 100% weather-resistant due to their unique craftsmanship and heavy-duty materials. We design our curtains with Polyester, Acrylic, Olefin, or nylon to enhance durability and sustainability.

The cleaning of weather-resistant curtains requires precise techniques and specific cleaning agents. However, our experts also provide professional guides for DIY cleaning and maintenance of these outdoor area curtains. Approach them now!

Yes, our curtains provide desirable privacy due to their unique hanging style, professional craftsmanship, and material quality. Our curtains craft a shield of your outdoor area from neighbors and passers.

Yes, of course, we provide endless custom options to make your outdoor place appealing and luxurious.

You can choose any material, color contrast, design, pattern, and hanging style to get a personalized approach.

Yes, our curtains are manufactured with UV and heat-resistant materials to ensure health-friendly features and high sustainability including Nylon, Olefin, Acrylic, and Polyester.

These curtains also prevent the color fading of your outdoor furniture items.


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