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Give your office a beautiful look by installing an office curtains collection. At Curtains and Blinds, there is a huge collection of office Curtains Abu Dhabi to choose from.

Curtains not only block light but also offer a beautiful look to an office. It has been used as a decorative item in the office for a long time period. Blinds also grab the attention of the clients coming to your office.

Modern Office Curtains Abu Dhabi Available Types

Let’s now look at the types of Modern Office Curtains

1. Pencil Pleat Curtains

The pencil pleat curtain looks classic. The back of the office curtains  has pleats for hooking pins. Pencil pleat curtains always look beautiful and suit well to a decent office. We recommend rail 803 for these curtains.

2. Wave Curtain

Wave curtains provide a beautiful and elegant look with their lovely pleating S-shaped curve. These Office curtains Abu Dhabi have 100% pleats. They look great with the panel rail.

3. Stage Curtains & Heavy Drapery

These are the heavy curtain-types that need to be hanged high. They usually come with a motorized track. For pleats, you can decide how many pleats you need on your curtains.

4. Sewn-in Tailslides

These curtain types have so many advantages. You can use the full width of the curtain fabric in an extended position and no one will be able to see the hooks of the curtain on the back. You can use these Office curtains Abu Dhabi against a glass wall or wooden room divider.

5. Eyelet Curtain

The Eyelet curtain has a plastic or metallic hole enforcement so the rod can pass through it. Eyelet curtains are very easy to open and close. Eyelet curtains are available in different colors, patterns, and fabrics.

6. Panel Curtains

Panel curtains are of straight long length and look very stylish. We play in colors, patterns, and fabrics to create a masterpiece of panel curtains for you. You can use them as side curtains or also to fully cover the window. Sides of the curtain are sewn to offer a fine finish the Office Curtains Abu Dhabi.

7. String Curtains – Thread curtains

String curtain is a striking product that comes in so many beautiful colors. These curtains are not only used to cover windows but also work as a room divider. The rail on which the curtains are hanged is visible in these curtains.

Benefits of Office Curtains 

Here are some of the benefits of office curtains Abu Dhabi

  • Control climate of an office.
  • Offers privacy.
  • Ends up cutting the cost of electricity bills.
  • Offer insulation.
  • Works as a barrier between your private space and the outer world.
  • Enhances the décor.
  • Reduces outdoor noise.

Why Buy Office Curtains Abu Dhabi Online From Us?

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