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Improve Your Prayer Space with Our Unique Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi

Curtain and Blinds has got you a magnificent collection of prayer mats in a multitude of styles and color choices. Now you can create a perfectly cozy place to offer prayer in your homes by placing our premium quality prayer mats Abu Dhabi.

Whether you want to shop for a modern-style mat or want to add ambience to your space with a traditional one, we can provide you with the best prayer mats.

We offer a variety of options for the materials and styles at our store. You can choose from fabrics of polypropylene, wool, acrylic, and polyester with delightful designs to make your praying area more presentable. Our mats are ideal to use in working and domestic places as they can stand heavy use.

Check Out Our Collection Of High-Quality Versatile Mats

Our prayer mats in Abu Dhabi are stylistically versatile and fully functional because they are made from highly resilient materials.

They are crafted from high quality materials and add an aesthetically pleasing look and delightful comfort to your places.

You can shop for our handmade prayer mats that can last for longer time spans while sustaining their appearance.

Modern Designs

You can get these mats with multiple design profiles and awe-inspiring colors.

High-End Durability

Our prayer mats with premium construction are highly durable.



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Prayer Mats

We Offer Traditional & Modern Prayer Mats That Suit Your Style

Get your hands on our trendy and traditionally inspired prayer mats Abu Dhabi which are an excellent choice to add depth, texture, and coziness to your praying areas.

You can choose one of your favorite colors of prayer mats for sale and get to pray in the most soothing atmosphere.

With the perfect blend of durability, comfort, and aesthetics, our mats can uplift the decor of any place. The soft and solid colored prayer mats at our store will go well with your modern interiors.

You can get our mats in a range of sizes that suit your needs.

We can provide you with free design and fabric samples for mats.

For any custom design or product price, you can request a free quote.



Get Custom Designed Prayer Mats In The UAE At Cheap Rates

Our made-to-order collection of mats has all kinds of colors, religious motifs, appealing borders, and soft textures. You can browse the wide variety of mats at our exclusive mats shop.

But for the personalized decor according to the interior or surrounding area of your praying corner, you can tell us your desires and we will take responsibility to provide you one catered exactly to your specified requirements.

Reliable Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi
Dedicated Staff

We have the most enthusiastic team at service to deal with clients.

Trusted Company

Our platform is the most trusted to offer satisfactory services.

Extraordinary Pros Of Our Modern Prayer Mats

We are the leading prayer mats Abu Dhabi supplier in the entire region, selling elegantly designed mats to clients with manifold features and benefits.

  • You can order prayer mats online and get to worship on a clean surface that is 100% hygienic.
  • Our mats with different piles heights and soft fibers offer a plush feel and serenity while offering prayer.
  • With a great level of tensile strength, these mats are durable in the long run.
  • These mats offer enhanced comfort during prayer and create a proper mindset by ensuring the right posture.
  • The cost of prayer mats is reasonable enough that it won’t trouble your budget.
  • It is very easy to get these mats cleaned and they don’t require any extra maintenance.
Modern Prayer mats

Why Should You Choose Us For Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi?

Curtain and Blinds is the best firm supplying classic and contemporary style prayer mats to esteemed clients for decades. With an incomparable history of professional and affordable services, we are now renowned in the entire region and clients prefer us for all types of prayer mat purchase.

Our high quality handmade and machine-crafted mats can stand up well against daily wear. You can trust us for any kind of service from customization of size and color to getting expert advice on the selection of mat style and layouts.

We provide our clients with the samples for prayer mats Abu Dhabi with unmatched versatility and quality. For the quickest delivery of the products at your desired locations, you can get in touch with our team right now and get cheap prayer mats at your doorstep.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Prayer mats do have different sizes other than the standard ones. You can choose the custom size for these prayer mats based on the space and your comfort requirements while offering prayer.

Prayer mats are made from different types of synthetic and natural fibers. Silk, polyester, and cotton blends are normally used in the manufacturing of these comfy mats which are the most durable materials.

Prayer mats can be hand washed or machine-washed depending on the type of textile used to make them. However, you must avoid using harmful chemical-based cleaners for their cleaning.

Yes! You can fold your prayer mat for storage. While rolling the prayer mat, you can place them in any clean basket, rack, or drawer. They can also be hung on any good-quality rod when rolled or folded.


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