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Upgrade Your Homes with Our Amazing Motorized Curtains

We are facilitating you with an excellent combo of style and functionality with our motorized curtains Abu Dhabi. Our versatile automated curtains are the best option to settle for if you are looking for a practical interior upgrade.

Now you can enjoy timeless window decor featuring a motor-operated mechanism that offers the ultimate convenience of operation. Our curtains can be controlled in several ways and are the ideal choice to add comfort to your life.

You can operate these electric curtains using a remote, wall-mounted switch, or through the mobile app. Our window treatments are ideally suitable for both residential and commercial areas as they offer a luxury and exquisite look to your places.

Our Remote Control Curtains Comes In A Variety Of Styles

These curtains are the perfect window treatment that will upgrade your place with comfort and convenience. Our remote control curtains Abu Dhabi are the innovative future of window treatments as you can pre-program these curtains right according to your suitability.

Latest Designs

Take a look at our latest motorized blackout curtains styles with unlimited colors and appealing profiles.

Affordable Services

We offer our products at cheap rates, so do enjoy our affordable services.



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Beautiful Motorized Curtains

Maximize Your Privacy With Our Motorized Window Curtains

Our motorized curtains Abu Dhabi are high-performance and you can also get these office curtains with blackout fabric. For homeowners that are privacy seekers, these curtains are a perfect choice.

These curtains offer high window coverage and offer excellent control over light. Our curtains don’t let a single ray of light enter your space and also boost the level of energy efficiency in your home.

All of our window treatment products are heavy-duty and remain serviceable for long.

Our curtains won’t be a burden on your budget as they don’t consume excessive electricity.

Select the payment method that best suits your requirements.



We Are The #1 Supplier of Smart Curtains in UAE

We are known for providing highly innovative curtains with sleek profiles for the finest interior upgrade of your homes. Now you can achieve your dream interior setting with our trendiest window treatment essentials.

Because we prioritize our valued customer’s satisfaction and needs, we are their top option. You can get the most impressive decor creation in commercial places, apartments, modern villas, and penthouses with our services.

Luxury Motorized Curtains Abu Dhabi


We have an extremely efficient and humble team to listen to your requirements and specifications about the customized motorized curtains.


At our workshop, you will find an amazing curtain variety with the surety of long-term serviceability.

Notable Features of Our Amazing Motorized Curtains Abu Dhabi

Our window dressing treatments are a lucrative choice that offers infinite advantages.

  • You can shop for these curtains in a versatile range of textiles, design profiles, and texture or pattern choices.
  • It is a time-saving option for busy households as it comes with multiple control options such as a wall-mounted switch or remote control apps.
  • Motorized curtains Abu Dhabi can effectively control incoming light, and add comfort and insulation to your space.
  • You can install these curtains in conference rooms, and study rooms, and they can be used as staged curtains, too.
  • These curtains offer enhanced security because they can be pre-programmed to your desired schedules and you can control them when you are away from your home.
Outstanding Motorized Curtains

Get Fast & Proficient Installation Services At Affordable Rates

When you purchase motorized curtains in UAE, the need for curtains installation is the obvious factor. If you are looking for a team of perfectionists for the curtains installation, we got you covered. We have a well-trained team that will make your living spaces a lot more comfortable for you with their rapid curtains fitting amenities.

With timeless expertise, our installers will ensure adequate and long-term serviceable installation. Aside from the low cost of these curtains, you can cherish the luxury discounts that we offer on curtain fixing and installations. You can also purchase Somfy motors for these smart curtains from our shop along with related hardware of exceptional quality.


Fantastic Motorized Curtains

Why Should You Choose Us?

We at Curtain And Blinds provide functional window decor treatments to clients with matchless quality and purposeful versatility. Being the most reputed firm in the whole region, we aim to offer the most exclusive and equally serviceable window coverings that feature both functional and aesthetic characteristics. Besides transforming the whole vibe of a space, motorized curtains Abu Dhabi maximize the energy efficiency of your places.

Among all the curtains suppliers, we are renowned for our quality services because customers can avail of our window covering solutions at discounted rates. If you are planning a purchase of these curtains in Abu Dhabi, simply order samples of our products and make a purchase right away. We ensure the fastest shipping of premium quality products to your intended locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous best shops where you can find electric curtains of your desired color and styles. At our store, you will find a huge variety of motorized curtains that will add useful functionality to your space.

These are remote-operated window coverings that are extremely easy to operate. You just have to press the remote button to adjust the curtain’s position at a place. They function with the help of motorized mechanisms and battery operated systems.

The prices for these smart curtains vary with the change in fabric material, design, and style. Aside from that, it majorly depends on the brand that you chose to shop for these curtains.

Motorized drapes can be installed by yourself until you are not an amateur or have knowledge about motor fixing. However, it is preferred to hire professionals to tackle this job efficiently for error-free installation.

These curtains don’t require any extra maintenance or specific cleaning. However, the motors of these curtains can be replaced when they are out of order and you can clean these curtains with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Yes! You can hang these curtains in any room of your commercial or residential places. The automatic functioning of curtains makes it convenient to use them and you can also control the opening and closing when you are away from home.


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