Duplex Blinds Abu Dhabi | An Elegant Way To Adorn Your Windows

Enhance the beauty of your space with our classy duplex blinds Abu Dhabi.


Upgrade Your Home Decor With Our Amazing Duplex Blinds Abu Dhabi

Give your living spaces a renewed appearance by installing our dual roller shades that give off a super contemporary look. We have devised an innovative way to cover windows, a modern take on the zebra blinds; our duplex blinds Abu Dhabi are made from translucent mesh and alternate fabric stripes that create a cozy atmosphere and offer filtration of light in a room.

With their overlying layers and fine appearance, these blinds can add a chic vibe to any space. Our duplex window blinds are available in appealing and unique styles that are the best option for home and office interior upgrades.

These blinds are effective light casters that offer visual appeal and only allow filtered light penetration in your rooms. You can choose from various colors and styles for these blinds that feature a woven fabric blend with multiple alternative slats.

Improve The Ambiance Of Your Rooms With Our Duplex Window Blinds

Now you can beautify the whole look of your space with our modern duplex blinds Abu Dhabi. Our high-quality blinds work in the two-phase system and feature eye-catching patterns for casting light in commercial or residential rooms.

With their presentable looks and effective control over light and privacy offered, they are a great choice to install in the living and study rooms.

Premium Crafting

Our blinds are made with quality materials to improve the aesthetics and fulfill the practical needs of a space.

Versatile Options

You can find an array of styles and color tones for the fabric slats of these blinds to complement your existing decor theme well.



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Our Customized Duplex Blinds Are Crafted From High-Quality Materials

Get your hands on our made-to-measure blinds to give your rooms a unique look and cherish an enhanced outdoor view.

If you find these blinds unsuitable per the window size or interior style, you can get them customized from us according to your choice of color, style, and size.

Our custom-tailored duplex shades will perfectly fit your window layout and your place’s aesthetics.

Our satisfactory service is the main reason for the continuous increase in clients’ arrival.

We give the free amenity of measuring the windows for the installation of blinds.

You can send a query regarding the prices of any style and size of blinds.



Buy Our Duplex Blinds in Versatile Designs And Styles At Cheap Rates

You can get our multi-functional window treatments for the interior embellishment of any space.

Our duplex blinds Abu Dhabi effectively filter light with translucent sheer slats and light blockage with opaque blackout slats.

In addition to functional window adornment solutions, you will be glad we sell our luxury blinds at great low prices.

Customized Duplex Blinds Abu Dhabi
Dedicated Staff

We have a highly motivated team dedicated to serving the best.

Durable Products

Our best duplex blinds will continue to benefit you for prolonged time spans.

Worthwhile Benefits And Features of Our Duplex Blinds Abu Dhabi

Our dual-functionality shades offer various favorable advantages and perks, and to start with the list, they can align perfectly with any interior setting. Due to the dual shade features, they offer a soft glow by restricting all the incoming light.

They ideally filter light with their solid fabric weave and sheer translucent mesh. These blinds are available in an unlimited number of sizes and materials. Aside from the visual appeal, these blinds are perfect for adding insulation to your living spaces.

Duplex window blinds are made from sustainable materials and are eco-friendly decor choices. Besides providing the ideal balance between light and privacy, these blinds are easy to maintain, clean, and prove to be a cost-effective window treatment in the long run.


Choose Us For The Duplex Blinds Installation In Your Homes

Our team of experts offers the best and most convenient Duplex blinds in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for adept blind fitters in your region, stop your search here because we provide the most timeless services for fixing and installing blinds.

We earned the reputation of the best duplex blinds supplier, well-known for flawless installation services.

Curtain And Blinds is the most trusted source in the region for purchasing duplex blinds on a budget and getting installation services too. Installing your favorite blinds with our team can give your places an extraordinary look. Get in touch for the most perfect and affordable services today.




Why Should You Choose Us?

Curtain and Blinds is the most trustworthy platform, known for supplying the trendiest and most high-quality window blinds. We are renowned for our professional and flawless services in the UAE, giving clients the best home improvement elements at low rates. Our blinds are practically favorable for your lifestyle and work as true beauty enhancers in a space.

We are the only duplex blinds Abu Dhabi supplier that gives their premium-quality blinds at discounted rates. Our clients repeatedly visit us because of the low cost of duplex blinds. You can also get free samples of duplex blinds in UAE before purchasing. Order our quality blinds on a budget for an elegant home transformation today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To buy duplex blinds. Curtain and Blinds is the only top-tier brand in the whole UAE that will provide you with high-quality products for your homes, and that too, at highly reasonable rates.

Cleaning duplex shades is fairly simple as you have to take a soft damp cloth and gently wipe down the blind fabric from both sides. Mild detergent would be best to use for the effective cleaning of blinds.

These blinds’ durability directly depends on the type of material used to craft them. Aside from the quality materials, proper upkeep and regular maintenance of the blinds decide their lifespan.

Blinds can be DIY installed if you have the right equipment. We suggest calling some professionals like us to get this job done accurately for saving yourself time and money.

As window shapes and sizes in homes and offices vary greatly, blinds come in variable sizes other than standard ones. You can also get custom-sized dual-phase blinds according to your room window dimensions.

If you want to add darkness to your room, these blinds might not be a good option as they allow light penetration. But you can choose highly efficient blackout duplex shades to overcome this factor.


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