Roman blinds

Roman Blinds Abu Dhabi

Roman blinds Abu Dhabi are really smart and elegant blinds which hang straight when down and form descent pleats when up. They work using vertical cords linked together. Unlike modern counterparts, Roman blinds are here for centuries offering a practical solution for covering windows.

Roman blinds Abu Dhabi is like an envelope made of soft fabric and lining. A lining is attached to add privacy. They appear straight when down but when they are up, they form soft and straight pleats. They look very decent and beautiful when installed on a window. Let’s look at the features of roman shades.

Features of Roman Blinds Abu Dhabi

1. Perfect fit for smaller windows

Some windows are restrictive to controlling light like some bedroom or living room windows. If you want to save space, Roman blinds Abu Dhabi are the best and luxurious option to control light while looking beautiful even in a small space.

2. Avoid blocking heat from radiators

If you have a radiator or generator placed next to your window, it is possible that the heat traps between the window and the curtain. But this is not the case with the roman blinds. Roman blind are fitted in the window recess, draughts keep the temperature low while letting the heat circulate well.

3. Layer with curtains for larger spaces

If you like to have more than one fabric on your roman blinds Abu Dhabi, you can use them together on the roman blinds. They can beautifully cover a small window and also a large door, window, bay area, etc. they are an ideal choice to be installed anywhere in the home.

4. More than your average blind

With a luxury design, Roman blinds Abu Dhabi curtains look more beautiful than the latest window blinds. With a vast collection of styles, patterns, fabric, and colors available, they help you add a bold touch to your bedroom, dining room, hall, or even living room. When curtains are restricted to a railing, roman blinds add beauty to the window.

5. Elegant control of light and shade

Like any other typical roller blind, roman blinds, in Abu Dhabi are not restricted to just shut down or fully open. With the hidden cord in the fabric, roman blinds can be adjusted anywhere you want on the window. Now no need to entirely open or shut the blind. With the beautiful pleating, roman blinds Abu Dhabi always look stylish no matter what. Buy roman blinds online from us at discounted rates.

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