Top Trends and Styling Ideas For Curtains and Blinds

Window treatments have the potential to make or break the look of your rooms. You can make your space feel finished and transform the decor from drab to fab with the right trends and styling ideas for curtains and blinds. Covering your windows is not just about decoration but you also get various practical benefits depending on the type of fabric and style you choose.

With the emerging interior design trends, a huge assortment of styles has been introduced in the market. For a modern yet functional decor of your living spaces, it’s important to notice the material type and style of curtain and blinds you are choosing. From thousands of options available, we have shortlisted some of the appealing ones that will let you style your windows and make them fashionable and functional.

Fascinating Decor Ideas For Curtains and Blinds

Staying in touch with the ongoing trends will be helpful for creating aesthetic and functional decor.

1. Height Accentuating Sheer Drapes

Height Accentuating Sheer Drapes

Sheer curtains are one of the most inspiring options for styling windows. Because of their delicate nature, sophisticated appearance, and unique properties, they’ve been around for ages. Positioning these curtains high above the window or from the ceiling will create the illusion of a large space.

With sheers, you can flaunt the timber ceiling of your homes and add interest to your places. The colors for these curtains can be selected differently for a more fashionable decor statement. Choose complementing colors like a rainbow-inspired color choice. For a soft feel, pick the lighter hues of these drapes. These curtains can also be paired with a lot of other types of curtains mainly blackout ones.

2. Choose Floral and Traditional

Choose Floral and Traditional

Choosing the floral prints for curtains will look great with the antique furnishings of your living spaces. You can pick from the range of styles of lively floral prints that are either imprinted on the top or bottom of the curtains.

Going for traditional curtains according to the vintage decor of your living rooms would be another styling idea. Traditional curtains with rich earthy toned and detailed or intricate designs never go out of trend even in the modern era. By adding decorative valences, you can enhance the look of your windows even more.

3. Buy Striped Romans or Blackout Rollers

Buy Striped Romans or Blackout Rollers

In an all-white room, stripped Roman blinds will create the perfect style statement. Roman blinds that draw up into pleats when raised are constructed beautifully for almost every space. You can choose from a combination of colors for these blind’s strips.

Roller blinds are designed with a single fabric piece that is easy to access, control, and operate. A wide range of colors, styles, and material options are there for these roller blinds. For additional privacy, light control, and energy efficiency in space, these blinds are a great deal to settle for.

4. Arts and Crafts Inspired Curtains

Arts and Crafts Inspired Curtains

To add depth and texture to your interiors, arts and crafts-inspired curtains are the creative decor choice. These curtains are a way more practical solution for window decor because thick fabrics are often used to make them.

They will provide the right amount of cozy arts and crafts-inspired vibes. Choosing these classy curtains will create the perfect balance with the traditional interior decor of your rooms.

5. Opt For Cordless Motorized Blinds

Opt For Cordless Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are a safer and more practical choice for covering your windows as they are cordless and don’t need manual operation. These blinds are built with smart technology and are operated with apps, voice commands, or remote control.

Fixed wiring and disposable, or rechargeable batteries are used for operating these blinds. They enhance the home value, offer security and energy efficiency, and are a safe option for both pets and kids. Integrate your home with these electric blinds to cherish luxurious living.

6. Pistachio Hues Or Boho Border Curtains

Pistachio Hues Or Boho Border Curtains

Sometimes the color of the curtains makes the entire style statement for your interior styling. For an outstanding decor, you can choose curtains colors that bring elegance to and uplift the aesthetics of the place. To stand out from the rest of the space, dusty pink-colored curtains can be paired with the double window of your room.

If a detailed pattern on your curtains is not your interest or style preference, you can buy curtains with ornate borders. You can choose patterns or layouts as per your taste and preferences for an alluring look of your windows.

7. Rust Colored Velvet Or Silk Curtains

Rust Colored Velvet Or Silk Curtains

Velvet drapes are one of the heaviest and most contemporary choices for curtains. These curtains are best for energy efficiency, privacy protection, and light blocking. Silk is best curtain fabric to give a royal look to your places. With Silk-embroidered curtains, you can have a fashionable and practical window decor.

8. Vertical Blinds To Add Texture

Vertical Blinds To Add Texture

Vertical blinds with sleek profiles and vertical slats orientation are perfect for creating a stylish look of your windows. The series of vertical fabric louvers can be twisted to let in or block the sunlight in a room. For a distinctive appearance, you can upgrade your existing window treatment with these vertical slats blinds.

Final Thoughts

Among the trending options for curtains and blinds, the most fashionable and functional one is smart blinds and curtains. For functional and stylish decor, stripped Roman shades, and vertical, and duplex blinds are also options. While sheers, velvet, and silk are other contemporary options. For a simple yet elegant look, you can choose floral and arts or craft-inspired curtains. Whereas ombre. buttery yellow, pistachio, and botanical print print curtains are perfect for a chic look.

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