What Are the Best Fabrics for Stylish Blackout Curtains?

Covering the window with any durable and stylish fabric material is the dream of every interior enthusiast. Among various curtain types, blackout curtains are trendy because they not only maintain the aesthetics but also enhance the functionality of your windows. These curtains ensure luxury and modern window treatment for your living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, and kitchens. We provide expert guides about the best fabrics for stylish blackout curtains.

However, selecting a fabric texture for crafting these curtains is very difficult because of the availability of so many options in the market. Curtain and Blinds has mentioned the best fabric materials for durable and stylish blackout curtains in this article for your ease. By considering the key features of all fabrics, you can select a desired fabric texture to style your residential as well as commercial windows.

Best Fabric Options For Blackout Curtains | A Comprehensive Guide

Fabric Options For Blackout Curtains

A broad spectrum of blackout fabrics are available in the market to craft stylish and comfortable curtains for windows. These stylish blackout window curtains are manufactured with fabrics of both light and solid colors and patterns. Also, they can unlock a wide range of practical benefits such as huge comfort, light control, sound absorption, and heat insulation.

Fabric Options To Choose For Blackout Window Curtains

To craft durable and stylish blackout window drapes, multiple fabric options are available to choose from such as linen, polyester, cotton, velvet, and microfiber. Each fabric material provides specific privacy and light control, heat, and sound insulation.

  • Linen


In the list of blackout fabrics, linen is also set in its position due to unique and desirable features. For complete light control, we need to add a blackout liner along with linen fabric. The smooth and textured surface of linen enables it to give proper sound insulation. The durable nature of this fabric material ensures long-lasting results with minimum maintenance effort.

  • Polyester


Polyester is another thick fabric material to use for blackout window covering. The dense and thick nature of this fabric material provides promising heat and sound insulation. In addition, this fabric option is also effective in blocking the light to provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Besides its functional aspects, this material also ensures easy maintenance and budget affordability.

  • Cotton


Cotton fabrics can also be used as curtains but it doesn’t control the light to a greater extent. But this natural material ensures high comfort and peace by providing the desirable darkening effect. This elegant fabric material can also be crafted in combination with polyester to get a balanced window treatment. 

  • Velvet


Velvet fabric provides greater control over light and privacy due to its tight weave and fiber density. The fabric has a very thick and dense texture that enables it to perform well in blocking unnecessary sound and light. In addition, the plush and luxurious texture and classy nature of this fabric ensure high window aesthetics. Besides its aesthetic value, for better insulation and energy efficiency, this fabric material is an excellent choice for contemporary window treatment.

  • Microfiber


In the list of light-blocking fabrics, synthetic microfiber also holds its name due to its plush feel and high wearability. The thick surface can block the incoming light with noise and heat insulation as well. Besides their functional aspects, microfibers also provide mind-blowing aesthetic outcomes due to their intricate patterns, designs, and color contrasts.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Blackout Fabric

Before choosing the right fabric material for blackout curtains, we must consider the essential aspects that will give fruitful outcomes.

  • Light Control Efficiency

Light Control Efficiency

Before choosing the right fabric material, you should analyze the light control efficiency of the fabric. Because these curtains are most probably used for creating a darkening effect inside the room. The light-blocking capacity can vary from fabric to fabric due to unique patterns and color contrast. In addition, the fabric showing the maximum light control efficiency will be an excellent choice for maintaining darkness and comfort side by side in the room.

  • Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is another important factor that must be considered by buyers before choosing any blackout fabric curtains. The comfort of some rooms is affected by unnecessary noises and sounds that can irritate the people residing here. To dampen these noises and sounds, multiple types of blackout fabrics can be used as window coverings. Always choose the fabric option that offers greater efficiency in sound absorption.

  • Heat Insulation

Heat Insulation

Heat insulation is directly linked to the energy efficiency of the room. Before opting for any blackout fabric, you should also observe the heat insulation features of the fabric material. Most of the blackout materials offer variable energy efficiency based on their quality, color shade, and pattern. These curtains maintain the inside room temperature by blocking the heat transfer in both winter and summer. Choose the curtain fabric that can ensure high energy efficiency in your residential place.

Final Thoughts!

To conclude this article, we must say that blackout window curtains not only improve the window functionalities but also ensure aesthetic ambiance. To craft these valuable curtains, a large variety of fabric materials can be considered at economical rates. Curtain & Blinds has highlighted a complete list of enduring fabric options that ensure promising blackout effects with other reliable functions.

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